Our mission is summarized with three words:





We want to meet new people (Connect), share the gospel (Call) and grow in our faith as we do those things (Cultivate). 



Who We Are

AshlandChristianChurch is an Independent, self-sufficient congregation of simple Christians. We don't claim to have all the answers to all of life's questions, and we don't believe we're the only Christians in the world. We simply want to be a community of people defined by the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Service Each Sunday, 10(ish) AM

There is one God who shows Himself to us in three ways: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

God became a man named Jesus - born of a virgin, killed on a cross, and raised from the dead.

Eternal life - the forgiveness of sin, and God's presence in this world and the next - has been provided by Jesus and offered to everyone.

Believers should express their daily commitment to follow Jesus in baptism, and remember God's promises weekly in communion.

The bible is inspired by God to teach us, correct us, and equip us to do the good work of emulating Jesus.

God has a beautiful future planned for His creation - a restoration and redemption of all things.


Drew Snyder

People often want to know what to call Drew - pastor? minister? preacher? reverend? None of that matters. What matters is that you let him pet your dog if he ever gets the opportunity to see it. 

Drew has been teaching at ACC since 2007, and likes tattoos, loud music, watching baseball games, beating you at fantasy sports, and preaching sermons that don't have three points or use any alliteration. Those sermons are heavily influenced by theologians like Shane Claiborne, Greg Boyd, Bradley Jersak,and Rob Bell, as well as, in all things and in all ways, hopefully, Jesus himself. 

John Baker (Elder)
Michael Barbarick (Elder)
Jamie Barbarick (Deacon)
Leah Benedict (Deacon)
Charles Hooper (Deacon)
Eric Lange (Deacon)
Carrie Nicholson (Deacon)
Randy O'Connor (Deacon)
Joel Quinn (Deacon)
Bill South (Elder)
Jennifer Wyatt (Elder)